Successful Project Delivery based on advanced technology Successful Project Delivery

2000 ~ 2004 Reference
2004  .Net_SaRang Church - Documents management system of pastor in charge  .Net_SaRang Church - Location reservation system upgrade  .Net_Futureware - ESC service of Dongbu Insurance  .Net_Dae Yang E&C - Advanced consulting of computing system building  .Net_SaRang Church - Training center management program  .Net_EIB Korea - Technical consulting of .NET environment  .Net_SaRang Church - International disciple training center/ Cal Profile  .Net_Lotte Duty Free Shop - Custom inventory management  .Net_KT - NeOSS code review  .Net_Woori FIS - Woori bank information system new terminal project  .Net_Woori FIS - Woori bank account system new terminal project  .Net_LG Fire & Marine Insurance - EDMS system building  .Net_SaRang Church - Burial of the living with the dead  .Net_Daewoo Data Communication - Test & evaluation knowledge management system building
 BI_Nike Korea - Sales analyzing system building
 BI_Fuji Film - DW building consulting for EIS system building  BI_CGV - Website tuning & optimization consulting  BI_Burger King - Sales analyzing data system building  BI_Lotte Aluminium - DW/ OLPA building consulting  BI_Tel Korea - DB tuning consulting service  BI_Feelingk - DB diagnosis & tuning  BI_Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute - Risky database system creation for analyzing weak points  BI_YES24 - Web application & DB tuning consulting  BI_Korea Electro Technology Research Institute - DB tuning & APP improvement consulting  BI_Busan University - Supporting DW design & OLAP training
 Seminar_16th Advanced Seminar
  • SQL Server Advanced Programming for business
  • Automation tracing setting, performance improvement, stored procedures, advanced applying methods for business, and etc.
 Seminar_14th Advanced Seminar Microsoft Business Intelligence Da
  • Analyzing system building plan connected to the existing or legacy based on Microsoft OLAP and reporting solution
 Seminar_Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Production Presentation Sho
  • Applied example of SQL Reporting Services to the Lotte Duty Free Shop BI building
2003  .Net_YOONS English School - consulting & management  .Net_Dongbu Insurance - ESC (Enterprise Strategy Consulting) service  .Net_Saehan Data Communication - .NET development methodology consulting  .Net_Lotte Duty Free Shop - ERP system building  .Net_Woori Bank - INBS system building  .Net_Woori Bank - EIP system building
 BI_Lotte Samgang - ERP/ BSC/ EIS/ OLAP system building
 BI_Lotte Duty Free Shop - DW/ EIS/ OLAP system building
 Seminar_Tech-Consulting Conference 200
  • Development methodology and applied examples of .NET based on Microsoft solution framework for a large scale project
2002  .Net_Megabox - .NET technology training system tuning development consulting  .Net_Lotte Samgang - System building & design support for ERP building  .Net_Dongbu Insurance - ESC service support  .Net_Dongbu Insurance - System authentication & encoding module application  .Net_Daewoo Data Communication - Technical support  .Net_Samsung SDS - .NET enhancement of electronic financial affairs information system  .Net_Kookmin Bank - Web-based integrated HR information system consulting  .Net_Hanbit Bank - Groupware 3rd system building & consulting  .Net_Hanbit Bank - iGATE operation & consulting  .Net_Lotte Shopping - Gift certificate system consulting  .Net_Webbrain - System consulting  .Net_Megabox Cineplex - Consulting  .Net_Samsung Life Insurance - Integrated channel building  .Net_Woori Bank - Knowledge management system building  .Net_Woori Bank - BPR linked channel & integrated platform building  .Net_SaRang Church - Church register ASP system development  .Net_Nonghyup - Bank credit total management system building & technical support  .Net_Samsung Life Insurance - Technical support of channel integration system laptop downsizing implementation verification
 BI_Segyung Britestone - DW,OLAP building

 Seminar_2002 Conference for Korea SW Component Industry Trend & Development Direction (.NET development methodology
 Seminar_KT Freetel Mobile & .NE  Seminar_Component Design (Korea Software Component Consortium  Seminar_Insite COM+ Component Services 1.0 & 1.  Seminar_Korea Internet Dot Com Tech & Web Design Conference 2002 Januar
2001  .Net_Lotte Data Communication - Performance project expert supervision consulting  .Net_Just communication - SOAP + XML based web service technical consulting  .Net_Hanbit Bank - EA Pilot project consulting  .Net_Cyworld - Technical consulting - Enjoyable school website tuning and optimization  .Net_Lotte Data Communication - Education & education system consulting  .Net_KT - FreeTel MagicN integrated directory & E2k wire/ wireless messaging infrastructure building consulting  .Net_Megabox Cineplex - Megabox computing system consulting  .Net_Dongbu Insurance - EIP(Enterprise Information Portal) system consulting  .Net_FNGuide - Technical consulting  .Net_SaRang Church - Groupware & knowledge management system  .Net_Samsung - COM+ BMT  .Net_Kookmin Bank - Enterprise Credit EAI system building  .Net_Hanbit Bank - Information system integrated authentication system building  .Net_Lotte Card - Integrated system maintenance  .Net_SaRang Church - Location reservation/ church health checking/ on-line office/ groupware/ knowledge management system building  .Net_Lotte Confectionery - Accounting expense determination system development
 BI_CJ Foods - OLAP system building
 BI_Seokjeong Brighten - Technical consulting  BI_Lotte Confectionery - Quantity adjustment system (ibOLAP analyzing system) building
 Seminar_Microsoft Tech-Ed 200
 Seminar_Comdex Korea Conferenc  Seminar_Microsoft MSDN Semina
2000  .Net_Daewoo Securities - CRM performance enhancement & tuning consulting  .Net_Dongbu Insurance - Failure solving & tuning consulting of new sales support syste  .Net_Lotte Confectionery - Consulting subcontractor system of intranet purchas  .Net_Ten Community - Problem solving & consulting of SQL server 7.  .Net_Dongbu Insurance - Technical consulting of next generation syste  .Net_Megabox Cineplex - SQL server technical consulting (fault recovery  .Net_IMS Tech Windows DNA technical consulting & trainin  .Net_Samsung Media Service - System tuning & consultin  .Net_PARA Technology - GTSP consulting servic  .Net_Samsung - Integrated authentication system consultin  .Net_PARA Technology - Technical consultin  .Net_KEPCO - Windows DNA architecture building consulting and technical suppor  .Net_Daerim Data Communication - Windows DNA architecture building ? consulting & trainin  .Net_Ters Soft - Windows DNA architecture building ? consulting & trainin  .Net_Lotte Card - Web system buildin  .Net_InbreinWare Groupware package developmen  .Net_SaRang Church - Upgrading the backbone system to the intrane  .Net_Huseong C&T - Intranet sales system consulting & buildin  .Net_SaRang Church - Church register system/ international disciple training center member management system buildin  .Net_Metadata-based IDC component developmen  .Net_Lotte Data Communication - Lotte Data Communication ? Recruit management system buildin  .Net_NIX - Game & animation portal site buildin  .Net_SaRang Church - Integrated ministry information system consultin  .Net_Lotte Data Communication - Integrated intranet solution consulting & technical suppor  .Net_Samsung Life Insurance - Next queen system consultin  .Net_Informix Korea - Consulting about implementing MS solution using Informi  .Net_Daou Data Systems - Windows DNA architecture IT consultin  .Net_Nongshim Data Systems - Windows DNA architecture IT consultin  .Net_KEPCO(LG-EDS) - VB tuxedo module developmen
 BI_Lotte Confectionery - Sales distribution OLAP consulting
 BI_MDX - Generator Component development  BI_Battle Top - Technical consulting about ranking & matching system  BI_I love School - System analysis & tuning consulting
 Seminar_Microsoft Devdays 2000 Fall Lesson
 Seminar_Microsoft Tech-Ed 2000 Lesson  Seminar_Microsoft DevDays Spring Lesson  Seminar_Microsoft Tech-Ed 99 Lesson  Seminar_Microsoft PDC Lesson  Seminar_Microsoft DevDays Fall Lesson  Seminar_Microsoft DevDays Spring Lesson  Seminar_Microsoft MCP Conference MCSD Track Lesson  Seminar_Microsoft Tech-Ed 98 Lesson