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INBREIN has a service system that can support the necessary technologies in a timely manner throughout the IT infrastructure. INBREIN's IT consulting service is not simply a concept, technology or term, but an IT infrastructure survival strategy for an efficient management environment.

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We also have experience in building projects that require expertise in finance, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, and services based on Microsoft .NET technology. We have accumulated various know-how from initial .NET to the latest version development, We promise to provide the core system that customer is always satisfied with.

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INBREIN is a big data field with Microsoft's Data Warehouse project experience and UDAS solution. We have recently conducted R&D on artificial intelligence in the marketplace and have Microsoft Azure ML experts.

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Inbrein has the IT infra service system which can be applied just in time. Inbrein's IT consulting service is not only a simple IT term or technology, but also a survival strategy of IT infra for efficient business environment.


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