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INBREIN, IT consulting firm that creates new value for the companies!

INBREIN was founded in 2000 and is an IT consulting firm that supports the IT infrastructure of the enterprise based on platform, server cluster, software and services. Also, We have experts and know-how specialized in .NET development related with system developing and BI(Business Intelligence) to support corperate decision-making and provide strategic information.

"Company pursuing innovation of Digital Transformation"

INBREIN recently focused on BigData, analysis, visualization and artificial intelligence. UDAS (Unified Data Analytics Suite), an analytical tool for BigData analysis, was developed through the government project, GCS, and recently, we are spurring the development of artificial intelligence RPA.


The current logo has been selected from approximately 500 company names and logos for approximately three months. E's Red Point is committed to expanding its business focus on e-solution and Education from its inception to the present.