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Big Data/AI
INBREIN has experience of Data Warehouse project of Microsoft and UDAS Solution in BigData. We proceed R&D on AI which market reqirement lately, and have experts of Microsoft Azure ML.
Big Data - Azure Data Services
  • Azure dw of features.
    • Improve workload management
    • Significantly enhanced security
    • Tool support for administrators and developers
    • Tuning easily to optimize schema
    • Provide powerful analysis tools
    • Convenient query to solve performance issue

Big Data - UDAS Architecture
  • UDAS Solution
    • Reduce cost and complexity of Traditional Methods
    • Reduce the time to develop big data analytics systems
    • Simplify the entire analysis process
    • Developing a server analytics system

AI Solutions
  • AI Solution
    • Cloud and Open Source with optimized Technology
    • Automation, cost efficiency and more
    • Application of various industries based on IT experience