Successful Project Delivery based on advanced technology Successful Project Delivery

2005 ~ 2009 Reference
2009  .Net_EEC Data Communication - Befly C testing modification program  .Net_Samsung Electro-Mechanics - LCR MLCC Workplace building  .Net_EEC Data Communication - YOONS English School Befly-T project system maintenance contract  .Net_COSMOTECH - COSMOTech SPC system building service contract  .Net_SaRang Church - Weekend school administration improvement contract
 BI_UR Scope - Analyzing system migration
 BI_NeoWiz - Game analyzing system service contract  BI_NHN - Hangame data warehouse building contract  BI_Samsung Electro-Mechanics - Y-Cuby (Yield Integrated Analysis) system developing & operating service  BI_SK C&C - SK Telecom corporate credit managing & operating system building  BI_SK C&C - Inconvenient sales monitoring system building  BI_Korean 3M - Analyzing system migration contract  BI_SK C&C - Unpaid customer monitoring system acceleration  BI_SK C&C - System building project of contribution management by accounts  BI_WonCash - Supporting DW analyzing system building  BI_SK C&C - Contract for SK Telecom unpaid customer monitoring acceleration  BI_Olap Consulting - Data analyzing system upgrade in Woori Inforium  BI_SK C&C - Unpaid customer monitoring system acceleration  BI_Samsung Electro-Mechanics - Y-Cuby (Yield Integrated Analysis) system developing & operating service  BI_UR Scope - Analyzing system migration & re-building service contract  BI_Samsung Electro-Mechanics - LCR MES maintenance  BI_Samsung Electro-Mechanics - LCR MLCC Workplace building
 Seminar_3 Times of Excel BI Application Seminar
  • Introduction to analysis, coding, and mining using Excel
 Seminar_Introduction to the BI applied examples
  • Introduction to examples applied to the 3 game companies
2008  .Net_Hyundai Engineering - ERP system field application & expansion  .Net_SaRang Church - Awakening ministry conference development  .Net_YOONS English School - Befly-T project system maintenance  .Net_Dongbu INC - Maintenance of electronic conference system for Dongbu Insurance  .Net_Woori FIS - Repair & maintenance contract  .Net_Freemont - On-line university arrangement service
 BI_Korail - Strategic data system building
 BI_NeoWiz - IPCC consulting center analyzing system building  BI_GS E&C - TPMS acceleration DW & OLAP system building  BI_Samsung Electro-Mechanics - Yield Integrated analyzing system building
 Seminar_2008 Microsoft BI Day Examples
  • Enhancement of the yield and quality competitiveness through adopting BI
2007  .Net_Freemont - On-line university arrangement service  .Net_Hyundai Engineering - ERP system cooperation application & expansion building  .Net_YOONS English School - Befly-T project system maintenance  .Net_YOONS English School - Befly-C system development  .Net_Woori FIS - Win-CMS service grade  .Net_Dongbu INC - Dongbu insurance electronic meeting system maintenance  .Net_CI Jeil - Enchant system consulting  .Net_Woori FIS - Repair & maintenance contract  .Net_SaRang Church - 2007 system enhancement & building축  .Net_SaRang Church - ISACPLUS.COM development
 BI_SKT - SKT Game Target Offering system building
 BI_NHN - Game analyzing system building  BI_Green Cross - EIS building service  BI_LG CNS - ITSM analyzing system building  BI_LG CNS - G-AMS analyzing system building  BI_Korea Rural Economic Institute - 2007 Agriculture observation statistics data system development
 Seminar_MS BI Strategies & Building Examples
  • Introduction to Microsoft BI strategy and building examples and demonstration for data analysis by types
 Seminar_Business Data Analysis Strategies
  • Business status monitoring for a decision-maker and advanced data analyzing methods - data analyzing methods for scenario management
 Seminar_Seminar Targeting at Office Tutors
  • Introduction to the overall MS Bi and Office Excel BI utilization targeting at Office tutors
 Seminar_Introduction to MCP MS BI
  • Seminar for basic use of SQL Server Analysis
2006  .Net_Samsung SDS - Samsung OFFICE automation system building consul  .Net_CI Jeil - Enchant system consulting  .Net_Hyundai Engineering - Development(analysis/design) for EVM/P3e building  .Net_Mirae Asset Life Insurance - Building financial design system of Mirae Asset  .Net_YOONS English School - Befly-T project system maintenance  .Net_SaRang Church - Standard integrated management system development  .Net_Dongu INC - Maintenance of electronic meeting system for Dongbu insurance  .Net_Lotte Data Communication - Lotte recruit system development  .Net_SaRang Church - Resource management system of missionaries  .Net_Hyundai Engineering - MIS re-building  .Net_KTF - MagicN/ multi-pack mail operation  .Net_Woori FIS - Repair & maintenance contract about Woori bank terminal system S/W  .Net_E-land Systems - Chinese POS technical consulting
 BI_Yonsei University Health System - CDR(Clinical Data Research) system building
 BI_SaRang Church - System & DB tuning consulting  BI_Hotel Lotte - Analytic CRM building  BI_KT - Exporting OSS analyzing system designing & building  BI_Hotel Lotte - Integrated analyzing system building (DW & OLAP)  BI_Korea Electro Technology Research Institute - DB tuning & application acceleration consulting  BI_KT - Supporting integrated statistics management system consulting  BI_GS E&C - Management system building  BI_LG Our Home - Shop operating analyzing system re-building  BI_Korea Rural Economic Institute - National wholesale market carry-in & the place of shipment data system building  BI_Lotte Confectionery - Management data system building  BI_LG CNS - Linked accounting system building
 Seminar_Manufacturing BI Brief
  • Building examples adopting Business Intelligence in the manufacturing industry
2005  .Net_SaRang Church - Teacher network management system development  .Net_Mirae Asset Life Insurance - FC-NET system building & technical support  .Net_YOONS English School - Befly-T system repletion development  .Net_Woori FIS - Woori bank BPR information system building  .Net_SaRang Church - Served face/ global mission team  .Net_SaRang Church - On-line receipt screen of CAL seminar development<  .Net_KTF - MagicN/ multi-pack mail operatio  .Net_Hyundai Engineering - MIS re-building  .Net_TL Soft - TL soft smart client framework development  .Net_EEC Data Communication - CMS system additional development & AMS web allowance calculation and potential receipt program development  .Net_Toray Chemical Korea - Advanced financial management building .net TA  .Net_CGV - Website renewal  .Net_Shinhan Bank - ITBPI project  .Net_SaRang Church - University meeting, mission team, wedding reservation, preach schedule management system  .Net_Dongbu Insurance - Electronic conference system  .Net_SaRang Church - Giving love for neighbor team management system, burial of the living with the dead meeting upgrade  .Net_YOONS English School - Befly-T mobile program development  .Net_YOONS English School - Befly-T program development  .Net_SaRang Church - Mission explosion .net system development  .Net_EEC Data Communication - CMS system development  .Net_SaRang Church - Youth meeting additional development  .Net_SaRang Church - Half time member management system development  .Net_Busan Bank - Server Consolidation project
 BI_Korea Rural Economic Institute - 2005 Agriculture observation data system integration building
 BI_Lotte Chilsung Beverage - Performance management system building (BSC)  BI_Save Zone I&C - DW building consulting for EIS system building  BI_SaRang Church - Ministry strategy data system development (EIS)  BI_Lotte Shopping - Customer appreciation mileage system DB modeling
 Seminar_SQL 2005 Lunch Seminar
  • SQL Server 2005 launching event for the added functions to SQL Server 2005