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Analytic Step View(ASV)
1. End user-side data analyzing tool

  • Analytic Step View(ASV) is a tool which enables data analysis through the end user's intuitive choice. Using ASV, a company's accumulated database can be processed through user-side selecting, filtering, and joining.

Comfortable UI for user

Result comes immediately

  • Intuitivly, user can create and process the information with step-by-step. Users can see the result of selection, filtering, joining, and sorting right away.
  • The output can be converted into an excel file and edited later on.

2. Various functions for analyzing information

Easy access through selecting data in each step

  • Wizard-type selection (Step View)

Multi-model selection, item filtering

  • Filtering data considering user convenience.
  • √ Various conditional operation
    √ Handling selected method

  • Processing by data joining

Result Pivot/ Chart Expression

  • Pivot for various analyzing
  • Chart for data visualization

3. Functions for Administrator

Automatic Model Creation

  • Automatic model creation and data source meta management
  • √ MicroERD helps you access to the company's original data source and create automated model by reverse engineering. And it applies user terms to the created model, make these meta-data, and maximize the administrator's convenience.

    √ Through the model, the meta-data will be automatically created so that the users can easily access and they can collect, process, and analyze the information by the wizard-type selecting steps.

Code set management

  • Code set management for users
  • √ Code set management provides consistent information selection and efficient management.

  • Authority management for protecting information
  • √ It makes information security by users through managing authorities by groups and levels.

  • User statistics
  • √ User usage statistics make it easier to use models and reuse/utilization.