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SmartX Framework
1. SmartX Framework Introduction

SmartX Framework is optimized for the system integration project of enterprise. It supports standardized development for the envisioning, rapid implementation, perfect test, and stable operation. After adoption, it has been designed for continuous operation or maintainability.

Benefits of SmartX Framework

  • Higher level of performance and code quality
  • Increase Productivity
  • Smooth collaboration
  • Improvement of maintenance convenience by business component units
  • Scalability of functions by library independence

Enterprise System

2. SmartX Application Architecture

SmartX Framework has necessary elements for developing the system of the EA (Enterprise Architecture). SmartX Framework implements EA using components including business, applications, data, and technologies.

  • Business: SAO, RESTful for web standard, support Workflow, data connection entity
  • Application: UI component, authorization, compatible of cross-browser through web standard
  • Data: Access connecting between different types of databases, data processing utilities
  • Technology : based on Microsoft .NET Framework technologies

SmartX Framework is based on the web MVC(Model-View-Controller) pattern.

  • It loosens the coupling between each model and make expansion and adding some elements easy, so that enables to develop the flexible system. Also, with independence of each model, it makes the automated test possible and eventually contributes to the improvement of project quality.
  • It increases the convenience of development by installing the view and controller like plugs. The view's independence enhances the possibility of changing UI Look and Feel.

Web Application

Provide layer of SmartX Framework

  • SmartX Framework reduces the weakness of MVC, such as ineffectiveness of processing data access in View, increasing complexity, and burden of update, through a Presenter Layer which has differences with standard MVC pattern. It also, keeps the efficient and safe performance through data processing by WCF, light Json accepting architecture, Restful which doesn't need status management.

3. SmartX Framework UI Reference

SmartX Framework includes required UI architecture for enterprise.

  • UI basic elements : Menus, Bookmarks, Tab Screen, Application Bar, Categories, Status Bar
  • System common elements : Authority Management, Screen Management, Code Management

Advantages of necessary UI structure

  • Hierarchical structure following user's authorities and screen calling following menu manager's setting
  • Function of bookmark for immediately accessing to the exact screen among the complex and extensive screens
  • Top Menu as a category area
  • Possible to multi-tasks through multiple screen transition with tabs
  • Capability multi-tasks through multiple screen transition with tabs
  • Function of the quick menus (help, previous screen, adding bookmark, close all screen, and etc.) through the application bar.
  • It supports multiple languages, so that it is suitable for developing multilingual websites.
  • Shortcut keys for work efficiency.

Cross Browsing

  • It is based on HTML5 and enables common expressions on the various browsers. It also, has advantage of development productivity and maintainability becuase of no additional code for every browser.

4. SmartX Framework Cooperation Support

Multiple developers cooperate and the basically use Visual Studio Team Foundation for simultaneous development. And source management (Sourcesafe, SVN, Vault) can be applied for the property of the project.

SmartX Framework Collaboration